Speaker Distortion

new standard

These are 75dB - 95dB at 1m, which I think is a more usable range and the images are in a format that makes it easier to focus on gross errors.

Amon has very low lower midrange and bass distortion, as well as low D3 and vanishingly low higher orders.

Hathor has decent bass distortion and very low higher order distortion. That the distortion is D2 dominated is very nice for a metal driver.

Old standard

These are 70-90dB at 1m measurements.

KEF LS50 Meta

high bass distortion

HEDD Type 07

high D3

Canton Reference 3K

high D3

DreiZwo Sat mk1

high D3 and high bass distortion


excellent D3 results with some D2 spikes

TB W6-2313 coaxial

sounded super crappy