These are my cardioid reference monitors. There were three major requirements:

I was able to build a speaker with objectivist tendencies that manages to also impress in terms of sound.
The liveliness and resolution from this inefficient bookshelf speaker while managing to keep a certain liquid smoothness needs to be heard. It also has a sound projection that is totally unlike anything I have experienced in this size range.

Most of this is due to the 4" full-range and the special enclosure it sits in. This is a very special driver that requires some love in its implementation. For this I had to use parts which are typically not found in speakers. There is neither a high pass, nor a low pass filter on this driver. This means that there is no capacitor in the signal path, which results in a purity of sound and resolution that would not be possible even with the best capacitors. This is the same design philosophy as on Amon. Technically that makes it a 1.5 way speaker with the woofer only augmenting and supporting the lower registers.

Not many woofers are up to the task and make for a coherent whole. To keep the transparency of the woofer section as high as possible the series coil here has to be of the absolute highest quality that is available. The crossover is also built in a balanced configuration. The parts here are worth as much as the rest of the speaker and are of higher quality than what is found in many flagship speakers, but it's worth it.

As with all of my speakers there's a ground connection which is connected to the driver's magnet top plates. Connecting it to the ground connection of the grid is highly recommended.

The damping material is an integral part of the tuning of the speaker here. And not only does the amount and placement of the damping materials matter especially here, the material itself is very important, too. Natural sheep's wool in 4 very different forms is used here.

The finish is white glossy paint on the rear and glossy wood on the front.
Different types of wood are available on request, but the inexpensive spruce wood has a very nice timbre and is thus recommended.