Here you can find my range of interconnects.

Here you can find the cables used in the Amon speaker - both the internal wiring and the speaker cable for purchase seperately.

Hathor was never meant to be the ultimate, so these cables are a carefully chosen compromise. To keep the sound quality at a maximum while keeping your wallet happy.

Tinned copper power cables

Perfect if silver plated copper sounds like nails on a chalkboard to you.
Shielded, which seems to help with blackground.
Available in 2.5mm² and 1.5mm² variants.

There are two camps for racks:
Sturdy, heavy and rigidly coupled or lightweight and decoupled.
This one is far into the latter camp. Which one sounds best will probably depend upon the floor.

Importantly I wanted it to allow for plently of ventilation and this is how I solved it.

Shielded. 9 sockets. Cable is replacable. That's pretty much it.

Yes, it's a power station. However it's not just some random power station.

It's the Bluetti EB3A and I tested many before I found this one and saw that it was the only one that worked for my needs. For virtually all of my listening the fan stays off and it provides my system with 2.5 hours of listening time.