Absolute threshold of hearing

I hope you find it entertaining. It's not really meant to be science, rather me sharing an experiment I did.

Now this is the penultimate test of ADHD and 'tism hyperfocus. Here's how to do it

Now the preparation:

As for the actual testing:

This is more or less what I did 2019 for the graph I casually posted somewhere. It took multiple days and it was awful. Now after 5 years I decided to subject myself to the same agony again. This time I used my smaller Hathor speakers instead of the large Amon OB, which I think partially explains some differences.

Here's what I got:

A couple comments:

Notable features:

I am in the process of measuring the minimum audible harmonic distortion and at some point I want to verify the equal loudness contours. However both will take a while if I decide to even complete it.

Sound dampening of doors and windows

Doors (ca 20dBA reduction)

Windows (ca 37dBA reduction)

SPL levels of common sounds

(rough measurements)