Lightweight, breathable

To keep my Ragnarok performing at its best I had to find a solution to deal with the heat.

Previously I had put a 120mm fan at low speeds on top and it worked very well, but I wanted to find a better solution.

So I searched for some breathable platforms and constructed the rack around them. The platforms are placed on foam to absorb vibrations. The individual platforms are coupled with spikes and reinforced with metal angles. Between the platforms are polished alu rods to make sure only the foam is responsible for vertical vibration absorption.

The thin legs allow for some vibration damping in the horizontal directions.

The resonance frequencies are 4Hz laterally and 5Hz vertically, respectively.

Still, it is quite sturdy. Don't fear bumping into it.

First layer without its platform

Platform in position

Foam detail

Can withstand a heavy turntable