About me

An audiophile just like you

I started out as a headphone guy, modding away at the HD800 to tame its treble and make it sound more normal in general. In doing so I started measuring and also experimenting with how to best measure what I hear - at age 13! Not much later I started with some experimental speaker builds. I wanted to have the magic that the HD800 possesses at a larger scale.

This is a goal I feel I have finally reached with my Amon speakers. However getting there meant I had to learn a lot about measuring and building speakers, which has some very different, but also very interesting challenges compared to headphones.

With this site I want to share my enthusiasm for music. If gear makes music sound boring it's simply not worthy.

The sound I prefer has to always be clear and transparent, neutral and if anything leaning slightly towards mid-range focused. And it always has to be fun!

-René Homann

This is where you'll find a glimpse of how I like to design my audio gear.

This is a quick look at what I do my listening on.