Cables and even more cables

Skoll made me want to find the best cables possible for it...

A lot of this is based on the first cable comparison I did a while ago:

Top pic:

Hybrid XLR - Mundorf SGF for signal and tinned copper braid, both in cotton

Bottom pic:


Test setup: Lyra Delos -Supra shielded tinned copper- Skoll XLR in - RCA comparison cables - Ragnarok 

Want to find a replacement for the Supra cable I use for the Skoll XLR input:

ACW 105 in PTFE

SGW 105 in cotton

SGW115 in cotton

Duelund DCA20GA

Silver in oversized Teflon tubing

Schiit Skoll

Skoll makes me questen if digital can be this good, it's that good.

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Topping PA3s


AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Max

SBAF-Serious FR Target for speaker measurements

SBAF-Serious FR Target for IF measurements